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Since 1990, Cornerstone (formerly SARA Services, 1990-95) has provided superior environmental and safety compliance solutions to the regulated community, and services clients throughout North America, Europe and Asia. We offer enterprise solutions for environmental regulatory compliance, worker safety, quality systems and custom software solutions. As part of our commitment to ensure our clients receive the highest level of services, our Quality Management System has been ISO 9001:2008 certified since 2008.


New Chemical Data Reporting Requirements under TSCA: What to Do Right Now to Prepare for 2016 Filings

Join us for our upcoming webinar “New Chemical Data Reporting Requirements under TSCA: What to Do Right Now to Prepare for 2016 Filings” presented in conjunction with BLR.

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Understanding Employer SDS Requirements Under the OSHA HazCom Standard

The HCS 2012 does not require employers to contact the manufacturers, importers, or distributors for SDSs for products they have not recently received. An employer that is maintaining an MSDS for a product not recently received would be considered to be compliant with the HCS 2012. The employer requirements of the HCS have not changed in that regard; employers are required to maintain MSDSs and SDSs that are received by manufacturers and distributors but they are not required to request or create SDSs in order to be in compliance.

For any shipment of chemicals after June 1, 2015, an SDS in the required 16-section format must be provided, and when a new SDS is received, it must be maintained. Additionally, companies are not required to send new SDSs to previous customers who may still have the product in inventory and new SDSs do not have to be provided for chemicals no longer produced.

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Cornerstone’s proprietary SDS Management and Chemical Inventory Software (FOUNDATION) combines EPA and OSHA chemical tracking and reporting functions, and provides a basis, or foundation, for all compliance recordkeeping and reporting.

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